I studied seven top leaders’ Twitter hashtags, including #KimJongUn, #JoeBiden, #XiJinping, #AngelaMerkel, #BorisJohnson, #VladimirPutin, and #EmmanuelMacron. Although they are all famous people, their hashtag datas are quite different.

For the posts count, the highest two are the 4,990 of 5,000 tweets of #BorisJohnson, and 3,412 of #JoeBiden. These are all…

The National Bureau of Statistics announced the status of real estate investment and construction in various provinces in February.

The data for February 2021 reflects that the performance of each city has diverged. The real estate investment and the number of houses built in Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces have remained much higher than other provinces.

First-tier and strong third-tier cities along the eastern coast have a hot market, and the southeast coastal cities are significantly more popular than inland cities. The differentiation pattern of “hot spots and constant heat” will not be fundamentally reversed.

Recently, the vaccine against COVID-19 has been put in use in a large scale worldwide. This has aroused widespread discussion among people on the Internet. People discuss the vaccination population, price, or concerns about potential side effects. For example, Hongkongers’ fears over the safety of Sinovac vaccines are rising as…


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